The Limehouse Golem (2017)

This movie! How did I not know of this movie before now?! Bravo! That is really all this movie needs to describe it. If you are a fan of crime, mystery, and suspense movies stop reading this and just go watch it. Seriously, you need to watch this movie. Olivia Cooke is incredible! I have been a fan of her ever since watching her in “Bate’s Motel” (make sure you check out Bate’s Motel…it’s amazing) as Emma. She truly shines in this movie. Bill Nighy is perfection as her co-star. The Victorian setting is so well portrayed with dark and moody lighting. Jack the Ripper comes to mind frequently, the movie makes a few references to the famous killer. This movie will keep you thinking. Once you reach the end it all wraps up so perfectly in a tight little bow. I don’t want to give away anything so I will leave this review at that. Go watch this movie!

The Limehouse Golem is currently available on Hulu.

Bate’s Motel (entire series) is available on Netflix.